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SmartLab ePortfolio Guide

What is an ePortfolio?
  • Your ePortfolio is a record of your SmartLab journey of discovery. 
  • For each SmartLab project, you ePortfolio will have three main elements:
    • Project Journal: This is where you plan your project work and document your progress.  Your Project Journal is where you'll record your SMART objective and keep a daily journal of your learning. 
    • Project Presentation: You will create a Project Presentation of your work for every SmartLab project.
    • Self-Assessment: After every project, you and your partner will assess your own work.  You'll give yourself a project score and write what you did well and how you can improve.

How will we use our ePortfolio?
  • Your ePortfolio and Google Drive will help you organize all the documents you create to show what you did and learned in your SmartLab learning Journey.
  • Every day you will write what you did and what you learned, or tell about a problem you solved in your Project Journal.
  • For each project, you will write your SMART objective in your Project Journal.
  • After each project, you'll reflect on your performance through your self assessment.  As you progress in the SmartLab, you should be able to use these reflections see how you've improved.
  • Your SmartLab Facilitator will assess your performance based on the documents you provide in your ePortfolio.
  • You can access your ePortfolio from anywhere so you can view and work on it from any computer (even most tablets and smartphones).
  • Show your ePortfolio to your family and friends, teachers, potential employers, or anyone else you want to impress!
  • You can create documents using Google apps or upload other files like PowerPoint, video files, etc.  You can also embed content from sites like YouTube and Prezi. 
  • Keep in mind that you have a 5 gig storage limit on your Google Drive.  Be sure to optimize the size of your videos and images for the web.

How do we customize our ePortfolio to make it our own?
  • Use the edit mode to personalize the "About Us" page by adding your own information and pictures.
  • You can even customize the color, fonts, images and layout to personalize your ePortfolio.
  • Feel free to add more pages and hyperlinks to meet your own needs.

Who will see our ePortfolio?
  • Set your site sharing to Anyone who has the link can view (NOT Public), and then add your partner with editing privileges (you will both be able to edit from home).
  • Add your SmartLab facilitator with or without editing rights (he/she will let you know which they prefer).
  • Add your friends, family, SmartLab classmates, or other teachers as "viewers" if you want to share with them, (viewers cannot edit or make changes).