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Project Presentation #01

(NOTE: When you are finished using these instructions, you can delete all the information on this page and replace it with your Project Presentation)
On a daily basis you will document your progress and learning in your Project Journal, but at the end of your engagement you will present a more polished multimedia style summary showing the highlights of your learning experiences publicly to your classmates or to your SmartLab facilitator privately. Your Project Presentation should include text, pictures, and video clips, to clearly demonstrate that you deserve an “A” for all the effort you put into learning and solving the problems you encountered during this engagement.
EVERY presentation will be unique.  You might choose to make this Project Presentation page look like a blog, or you might “Insert” a Google slideshow presentation, or you might embed a Prezi. Exactly what tools you decide to use is up to you, but there are some basic elements (like a title page and your SMART objective) that should be in every presentation as outlined below.  Just remember that the goal of your presentation should be to communicate effectively what you did and what you learned while working on this project.
----------- Project Presentation Guidelines ------------
  • Include the title of your project, the author's names (you and your partner) and some images representing the topic of your project presentation.
  • If you are using this web page in blog style; start with the title followed by an attractive action graphic of you and your partner.
  • State your SMART objective from your Project Journal.
  • Present what you did and what you learned. Include lots of pictures to show your work and make your presentation more interesting. 

How to label pictures...

 You can also “Insert” short videos.


Presentation Ideas

Here are some ideas of things you could include in your presentation to get you started.  

Your Facilitator will tell you if there are any specific requirements for project presentations in your SmartLab. 

  • Explain the technology you used and how you used it.
  • Show your project work in progress (not just the finished product).  Include pictures, videos or screen captures.
  • Present your final project work.  Include pictures, videos or screen captures.  Explain what you did and how it works in detail.
  • Explain what didn't work?  Discuss the challenges you faced and how you solved them. 
    The SmartLab is all about solving problems - this is when we learn the most, so enjoy the journey!
  • Celebrate your success!  What are you most proud of accomplishing in your project?
  • Describe something you found interesting in the What You Should Know section of the Learning Launcher.
  • List any new vocabulary words you learned.
  • Explain what you might do differently if you did your project again.
  • What would be the most important advice you could give to other learners doing similar projects?
  • Explain how your project connects to possible careers.
********* Inserting a Google Presentation Slideshow ************
If you want to use the Google Presentation Template below, 
click the link beneath it to open it. Then use the File Menu and 
select Make a Copy to copy it to your team Google Drive
Then you can use the Insert menu to insert the slideshow into
your Project Presentation web page . Remember that the editing
of linked Google docs happens in your Google Drive .

Project Presentation 01

The Prezi presentation below gives an overview of the key SmartLab ePortfolio concepts.
It also gives you a flavor for the learning styles and culture of a SmartLab.