Answers to all of your questions. If we don't answer the question you had, please email Ms. Rodgers


How do I audition for a show?

For audition dates and details, see our Auditions page. For more information about the audition process for Brookfield Drama please see How Auditions Work. 

How do I know if I was cast in a show?

Cast lists are posted in Basecamp and on the Drama Bulletin Board outside the auditorium. 

I was cast in a show. Now what?

Check out this summary of How Shows Work at Brookfield Drama.

What is a Shout Out (previously called Booster Notes)?

A Shout Out (which used to be called Booster Notes) is a personalized message that you put in the playbill. It's a great way to show support for a cast or crew member, There are two types of Shout Outs. A Standard Shout Out is text only, Premium Shout Out can include include clipart or photos, You can purchase Shout Outs with the Show Order Form for Parents. The Standard Shout Out costs just , the Premium Shout Outs cost and all proceeds support Brookfield Drama. (Shout outs may be in full color or black & white depending on the playbill that year) 

What are Stargrams? (previously Break-a-leg Gifts)

A Stargram (previously called Break A Leg Gifts) is a little note combined with a flower or treat, that you can send to cast and crew to congratulate them on a job well done.  Stargrams are on salon the lobby before the show and during intermission. They will be delivered to students during or after the show each night. 

Can I photograph or videotape performances?

No. It is distracting for our actors and audience. Even non flash photography causes light and distraction to our audience. We are videotaping the show (as allowed by our contracts) and will make that available when appropriate.. 

Where can I get a Brookfield Drama shirt?

Cast, crew, and audience members can get a souvenir shirt from our shows! You can also get general Brookfield Drama Merch. Check out our Merch page for a list of sources for shirts and more. (We are planning to work with the Spear-It shop to produce additional items and shirts) 

What is Warrior WinterFest?

Warrior WinterFest is an event in November that includes the Christmas in the Country Craft Show, a winter/Christmas play production by the Little Warrior Theatre, a Breakfast with Santa put on by the Senior Class, a child friendly Sip N Paint, and more. This is our main fundraiser for Brookfield Drama. All cast and crew are expected to help with the planning and execution of this event in order to participate in Brookfield Drama. Please visit our WarriorWinterFest page for more information. 


What is Tech Week?

Tech Week is usually the last days leading up to the Show. Our rehearsals are generally longer - usually from 4-8pm. We ask families to help by supplying meals during the week. We take a break during rehearsal to enjoy dinner together. These rehearsals are MANDATORY and can be quite exhausting. Students are encouraged to bring their homework with them to work on during the time they are not required onstage. This is where we work out all the issues and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

What are Full Runs?

Full run rehearsals are rehearsals where we run through the entire show without stopping. This allows us to simulate show night and see how long scene changes will take. It is important that everyone is in attendance.  There will be a dedicated full run that is WITH costumes - a true Dress Rehearsal - but costumes are not always necessary for every full run. We recommend students get comfortable in their costumes and use props as early as possible. 

What are Tech/Set Work Days?

These are work days (usually Fridays or Saturdays). Whoever would like to help is welcome. We paint backdrops, create props, work on lights and sound, and anything else non-acting related. No specific talents are required, we'll find something for everyone. 

Who can be part of Tech Crew?

Anybody can be on tech crew. Experience is not required. Often (if possible) we will have new members team up with an experienced one to learn how to do the various activities. Tech crew covers many aspects including Stage Lights, Spot Light, Sound, Video, VideoRecording, Photography, and Snow Machine :) 

What is Strike?

After the final performance of a show, the cast and crew strike the set. This means we dismantle the set, put away props and costumes, and return the theater to its original state (or even better). This is a MANDATORY event and is usually the Sunday after closing night. 


Can I buy tickets online?

Yes! You can buy tickets for our productions through BookTix. Under On Stage, go to the page for the show you want to see. Bring your printed ticket to the show. If you are unable to print, visit the Box Office upon your arrival to have us printed for you (or choose pick up at Will Call upon ordering). Tickets purchased online are only valid for the performance selected.

Can I buy tickets at the theater?

Yes. You can still buy tickets at the Box Office. Please pay with cash or check (made payable to Brookfield Drama). Please arrive early if you need to purchase tickets on the day of the show. 

Can I buy tickets from Drama Members?

Yes! Drama members will have a number of tickets to sell. You an also see Ms. Rodgers for tickets. Please pay with cash or check. Tickets purchased from members can be used at ANY performance. 

Can I buy tickets at lunch?

Listen to daily announcements. Tickets MAY be available during select lunches the week of the show. 

Is there reserved seating?

We are experimenting with reserved seating. If you'd like to choose your seats please purchase your tickets online at Booktix. Tickets purchased online are only good for the performance selected. All tickets purchased from Drama Members or at the door are general admission.

How much are tickets?

Our tickets are $5 each for our Spring Production and Our Christmas show tickets are $3 each. 

Is there a student/senior discount?

No, we have chosen to make our price reasonable for all ages and therefore cannot offer discounts.  

Thespians (ITS)

What is a Thespian?

Many Brookfield Drama students have been inducted into the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honor society for theatre art students. For more information about the benefits of becoming a Thespian and how to apply, see our Thespians page. 

What is the Thespian Board?

The Thespian Board (or Officers & Reps) is the group elected Brookfield Drama students who organize events and activities for Brookfield Drama. To see who's on this year's Thespian Board, see our Thespian Page. 

What is our Thespian Troupe number?


Can Middle Schooler's be part of the Troupe?

Unfortunately at this time we only have a High School Troupe, however half of the points middle schoolers earn (up to 5) will be applied to their High School total. 10 points are required for induction into the High School Troupe. 

Stay Informed

Where can I can get information about Drama events?

If you are a member or parent of a member please join Basecamp. If you are an interested member of the public, please visit our calendar page, like our Facebook page, and follow our Instagram. You can also check the Drama board outside the Auditorium.  

Are you on social media?

Yes, we have a Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and an Instagram (@BrookfieldDrama) Account. Please like and follow us! 

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a tool created for businesses to collaborate on projects from remote places. We have adapted this program to work for our Drama Program. It allows us to share calendars and have group conversations. With Ms. Rodgers being on the Elementary schedule it is difficult to meet during the school day or even after school. Basecamp allows us to communicate in real time from the comfort of our homes. Members can set up notifications to know when important information has been posted. If you are a Drama Member or parent of a Drama Member please join our basecamp. 

Can I text or call Ms. Rodgers directly?

In cases of emergency or when wifi/basecamp is not available you may text or call Ms. Rodgers at 330.333.1139 (This number can also be used for those with questions about becoming a Vendor at the Christmas in the Country Craft show). Please note that this number will most likely go to voicemail - please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (texting is preferred) 

Support Brookfield Drama

How can I help?

Parents, there are so many ways you can help! One of the most valuable things you can give is your time. Visit our Get Involved page to see how. 

I have a fundraising idea! Who can I contact?

Email Ms. Rodgers at @brookfielddrama.com. We'd love to hear your ideas. 

How do I make a donation to Brookfield Drama?

Our Friends of the Theatre program provides a direct path to supporting Brookfield Drama. 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Probably, as your donation is technically going to the school. But please check with your tax advisor. 

How do I advertise my business in your theatre playbills?

We would love to have your support! For more information, see our Corporate Sponsors page. 

I know someone who would like to be a vendor for the craft show, who should they contact?

Please direct them to the WarriorWinterFest page. They can register online or contact Megan at 330.333.1139 or email warriorwinterfest@gmail.com


Where do I turn in forms and money?

You can label them "Brookfield Drama - Ms. Rodgers" and turn into your office, or you can deliver them to the Elementary Office (preferred). There is also a folder outside of my room (Elem. 140) where things can be turned in. You can also turn them in at any rehearsal or meeting. If needing to mail payments please send to Brookfield Elementary- Megan Rodgers
614 Bedford RD
Brookfield OH 44403

Where is Ms. Rodgers's Room?

I'm in Brookfield Elementary room 140. This is at the far end near the front of the complex. Things can be turned in near my room or the Elementary Office. 

Can I get financial assistance to participate in drama events?

Yes. We never want someone to not participate due to finances. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please still turn in all required forms and send an email to Ms. Rodgers or write a note on the form. This will be handled with the strictest of confidentiality. We want everyone to get a Cast Shirt. (This is usually the only required cost per year) 

How do I get reimbursed for costume expenses.

Ideally if you find a costume or supplies online, send Ms. Rodgers the link so she can purchase them. However if you make pre-approved purchases yourself, please save all receipts and submit with this form. Please note, we are unable to reimburse sales tax. (We will consider sales tax as a donation toward our Friends of the Theatre program) 
Please remit receipts and form as soon as possible. 

There's a problem on this website. Who do I contact?

If you can't find the information you need... If you click on a link that goes nowhere... If you see a typo... Let us Know! Please email feedback about this website to Ms. Rodgers at brkdrama@gmail.com